Health and wellbeing are important for everyone, in every day life but for fibro sufferers even more so. 

We all know that diet and exercise are important to stay fit and healthy, but what if you hurt when you exercise?

With fibro and cfs many things can contribute to us not being as fit as we used to be. For many of us the medications increase our weight, we are often to sore or tired to exercise leading to not being able to lose the medication weight. Its not just the medication that can increase weight, the fact that we just cant exercise means we are not using up the food we eat leading to an increase in weight.

Another reason many of us have to watch what we eat is ibs (irritable bowel syndrome) this is often a by product of fibro meaning we have to avoid certain foods to avoid an onset of this happening. Finally some research shows that diet in general can cause a flare in fibro and cfs symptoms. This page is going to be dedicated to fibro friendly diet and exercise, if you have any suggestions to share on this then please feel free to get in touch.


Fresh fruit  

Fresh vegetables




Whole grains                                                 









Aspartame - artificial  sweetener.

Caffeine - tea and coffee.



Dairy - try a soy substitute instead.


Msg and sodium nitrates -  flavour  enhancers and   preservatives.


Gluten - found in wheat, barley and rye products.


Any sports done in water like swimming, aqua aerobics, aqua Zumba etc are good exercise for fibro and cfs sufferers as it is low impact and the water supports the body.

Yoga is another good form of exercise for sufferers, there are some really good yoga videos on youtube especially for fibro sufferers.

If you are having a good day a gentle walk at your own pace can be quite good but don't over do it.