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Fibro fog is a very difficult thing to describe to those who don't suffer from fibro or cfs. I guess at times I would say it was a bit like having cotton wool for a brain, all soft and fluffy and not made of anything substantial.

Fibro fog however can lead to funny moments. I remember a few. One Christmas I asked my children to switch on the Christmas sink lights. Yes you read that correctly, Christmas sink lights. In my head I saw a Christmas tree, knew it was a Christmas tree but yet my brain told my mouth it was a sink, much to the amusement of my children.

On another occasion I managed to insult two nationalities in one go. My daughters friends came in for her, to come out to play. Now I know out of political correctness you have to watch what you describe people as, well with fibro your brain doesn't often have a political correctness button. As these two cute little girls passed my window I said to my ex husband "look its those two pakistonian girls coming in for the wee one". Now anyone who knows me knows I'm not racist but that day I came across that way.

Finally before I bore you all to tears, lol. I went to the doctors for a check up as we all do, often, he asked me "how would you describe this pain?" to which I replied "bonal" my doctor told me there was no such word but did find it very funny and understood my new describing word. From then on "bonal" was often used to describe bones rubbing or crunching together. At least we all found it funny and can laugh at the funny yet embarrassing side of fibro fog.

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